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Have you been arrested or questioned in relation to a criminal matter? Have you received a summons to Court for a police matter? 

At Hardless Legal we can assist with all kinds of criminal matters, from simple traffic offences through to complex assaults, drug offences or violent crimes. We are available for urgent matters and can appear on your behalf in any Court for any matter*. Whether it is your first appearance at Court or the matter has already begun, we can help. 

We will assess your side of the story, provide you with advice about your options, and conduct the case to deliver you the best result possible in the circumstances. Where appropriate, we may be able to negotiate an outcome with the State or the Police, or conduct a guilty plea, which can save you money and reduce the damage so you can move forward with your life. Depending on your instructions, we can run a strong defence of the charge(s) at trial.

Hardless Legal regularly briefs barristers who are able to provide opinions on the evidence the State has against you. This input from barristers, together with Philip Hardless' extensive courtroom experience, allows us to provide you with strong legal guidance that will make a difference to the outcome in your case.

Did you know that in certain circumstances you might be able to have the conviction declared 'spent' so that it doesn't appear in a National Police Clearance Certificate? Did you know there are other penalty options apart from prison time and fines? Hardless Legal has a thorough knowledge of the many diversion programs, courses and sentencing options available to the Court. 

Give us a call, and speak to us about your case today.



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