National Security Information Act | Security Clearances | Sensitive Employment

Mr Hardless has acted in State-based national security cases in the past, and has provided advice on a number of matters involving national security. Our experience in this area includes:



  • providing advice on the procedures for handling national security information in civil or criminal litigation under the National Security Information (Criminal and Civil Proceedings) Act 2004 (Cth) (NSICCP Act),

  • obtaining an affidavit sworn by Defence officials in Canberra related to a WA state case,

  • obtaining media suppression orders in a WA state court and orders sealing the court file,

  • liaising with the National Security Division of the Attorney General's Department in Canberra as the agency which administers the NSICCP Act,

  • liaising with the Australian Government Solicitor's office,

  • appreciation of the classification system outlined in the Protective Security Policy Framework available here.


If you require assistance in relation to a national security or sensitive matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.


DO NOT SEND US ANY CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS OR INFORMATION until we have had a chance to discuss the matter with you and determine whether or not the lawyers working on the file will require the appropriate clearance to do so.

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